What makes us different?

Style of Float Tank – At IMR Float, we provide our guests with state of the art flotation tanks. Unlike other float centers who have tiny pods, our tanks are spacious and elegant. Perfect for anyone who has been reluctant to try floating because of their fear of small spaces. Choose from our 2 different Wave float cabins or our Mandala open float tank.

Our Float Tanks...

Mandala Open Float ​

This style of float tank is completely open with no doors or walls. Great for those we may be claustrophobic or prefer a little extra space when they float. The Mandala is quite spacious at 8′ by 4’8″. The Mandala has infrared an heater located on the ceiling about the pool, as well as underneath keep the temperature perfect your entire float.

Single Wave Float Cabin

The Single Wave float cabin features our most spacious shower. The interior cabin dimensions are 4’9″ wide by 8′ long and 6′ tall offering plenty of space to float comfortably.

Double Wave Float Cabin

The Double Wave float cabin is our most spacious float tank. With dimensions of 8′ x 6′ there’s plenty of room to float with a partner or stretch out on your own. If you are a first time floater, we highly recommend trying floating on your own first. 

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